Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's late, this'll be short. Click for three excellent "Mac vs PC"-flavored short videos on Christian vs Christ-Follower.

To use these guys' vocabulary, I spent a long time as a Christian, and I'm done now. Thanks, no mas, finis, Pepe no esta en casa. Now I'm a Christ-follower. True, one of the saddest, least obedient ones on the planet, but I put myself in that camp. (I'm probably floundering in the latrine.)

Get it? Linked analogies? Heh. Heh. Umm, yeah. Your clue to quality writing.

Driving to LA Saturday morning to attend a friend's wedding. I met him a few years ago on an online message board when I lived in SoCal. Turns out he lived only seven blocks from me! He's been a good friend and I'm glad for him he's marrying a Quality Woman. Now I have to try and put an outfit together that a) fits and b) has a reasonably low dork factor.

All right, I'm getting that weird feeling when my body's telling me, "Get our ass to bed or or I'll make you reeeeeeeeeeeaaally sorry tomorrow."